Montgomery Blair Sibley (left), the lawyer who represented the 'DC Madam' Deborah Jeane Palfrey (right) has released the names of 174 groups whose employees allegedly used her escort service between 2000 and 2006. They are pictured following a court hearing in 2007 while she faced prostitution charges 

Lawyer who represented the ‘DC Madam’ releases names of 174 groups - including the FBI, IRS and State Department - that 'used escort service between 2000 and 2006', but he still can't reveal the individual clients 

  • Montgomery Blair Sibley listed entities that he says used Deborah Jeane Palfrey's services 
  • Among those named were Lockheed Martin and PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • He said he obtained the information from a subpoena of phone numbers
  • They are believed to be contained in Palfrey's black book of clients
  • She left the book in Sibley's possession before she killed herself in 2008
  • Despite naming the companies, Sibley still cannot name individuals  

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The lawyer who represented the 'DC Madam' has released the names of 174 groups whose employees allegedly called her escort service.
Montgomery Blair Sibley listed the entities that include government agencies, embassies and huge companies that he says phoned Deborah Jeane Palfrey for call girls between 2000 and 2006.
Among those named were the FBI, IRS, the State Department, the Department of Commerce, the Embassy of Japan, Lockheed Martin and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
Sibley said he obtained the information from cell phone numbers dug up in a subpoena conducted by Verizon.
They are said to be included in a black book of clients that Palfrey left in Sibley's possession before she killed herself in 2008, before she could be sentenced for prostitution and racketeering. 
Despite naming the organizations, Sibley is still barred from naming any of the supposed 815 clients who are said to have hired escorts.
Sibley represented Deborah Jeane Palfrey in 2008 when she was convicted of federal racketeering and various prostitution charges.

The scandal of her arrest rocked the nation's capital as some of the city's biggest power players, including father-of-four Senator David Vitter, were outed.
Palfrey hanged herself in 2008 before she was set to be sentenced for her crimes and left the book containing details of her clients behind.
The information inside the book was sealed by a judge, but Sibley has continued to battle with the authorities to try and get the names released.
He has been trying to side-step a retraining order that means he must keep the names under wraps.
On Monday he filed another motion, which included the names of 174 organizations in Exhibit B. 
He said in the email: 'Back in February I had filed a lawsuit against Former Judge Roberts and the Clerk of the District Court in D.C. Superior Court -- the "state" court for the District of Columbia. Last week, the U.S. Attorney in her infinite wisdom removed that case to U.S. District Court which left me one last federal judicial opening.
'Exhibit "B" to that Emergency Motion lists the names of some 174 companies and government agencies whose cellphone numbers appear in the Verizon Wireless subpoena return that I have in my possession.
'And no, I am not releasing any individual names . . . yet.'
The attorney has hit headlines in the past. He filed a failed lawsuit claiming Barack Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and also ran for president in 2012 as a write-in candidate
News of Palfrey's death in 2008 followed reports she handed a list of telephone numbers of 15,000 clients to a U.S. television network
She had vowed to identify as many well-known figures as possible to subpoena them as defense witnesses.

Palfrey had insisted her company, Pamela Martin and Associates, was a legal enterprise that provided 'high-end' clients with nude dancing and massage, but not sex and initially considered selling her phone records in order to raise money for her defense.
When she later released her phone records for free, they ended up shedding little further light on her clientele. 
Palfrey hanged herself in 2008 before she was set to be sentenced for her crimes and left the book containing details of her 815 clients behind. Even though their names have not been revealed, the list of entities whos members used the services includes the FBI, IRS, the State Department and the Department of Commerce
In what could be the biggest sex scandal in the U.S. capital for more than a decade, Ms Palfrey caused the resignation of married 65-year-old Randall Tobias, a deputy to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
The list also thrust another official, Pentagon adviser Harlan Ullman, into the heart of the scandal.
However Senator David Vitter was one of the biggest victims. He admitted to being on Palfrey's 'list' and was forced into a grovelling apology.
He suffered months of attack ads and recently addressed the scandal in a campaign video.
The 30-second commercial released in November shows Vitter sitting at a kitchen table as he talks to the camera, saying: 'Fifteen years ago, I failed my family but found forgiveness and love.'
'I learned that our falls aren't what define us but rather how we get up, accept responsibility and earn redemption,' Vitter says, as the ad next shows him eating dinner with his family.
However, Vitter never directly refers to his involvement in a prostitution ring in Washington D.C., which was discovered in 2007 - seven years after he began using the service, according to his own words.