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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sumner Redstone's nurse says 'facts' in multimillion-dollar counter-suit filed by billionaire's ex-girlfriend is pure fiction - Sydney Holland lost her position in the mansion because she cheated with another man

Sumner Redstone's nurse, blasts the 94-year-old media mogul's ex-girlfriend who filed multimillion-dollar counter-suit based on elder abuse 

Jeremy Jagiello says Sydney Holland, 44, should hold herself accountable for being cast out of the billionaire's life because she had an 'affair with another man' 

Redstone's ex-lover Sydney Holland has accused his daughter Shari, 63, and his nurse Jeremy Jagiello of spying on her in a bid to separate the couple

Holland, who is accused of manipulating and abusing the media mogul, claims the two invaded her privacy, had someone steal her laptop and listened in on her private conversations

Jagiello has slammed the allegations saying the nature of his job requires him to be privy to information, therefore s private conversations he may have heard are irrelevant since her alleged damages stem from her clandestine affair with another man

Redstone filed a $150million elder abuse lawsuit against Holland and his other companion 53-year-old Manuela Herzer, last year claiming  both women manipulated and emotionally abused him for years. 

Billionaire media mogul Sumner Redstone, 94, sued his former companion Sydney Holland, who is 50 years his junior. She has counter sued as the saga continues

In new developments concerning Sumner Redstone's multimillion-dollar elder abuse lawsuit his nurse blasted the billionaires ex-girlfriend saying she is to blame for being cast out of the his life.
The one time head of CBS parent company, Viacom, sued his companions Sydney Holland, 44, and Manuela Herzer, 53, in October accusing them of manipulating and emotionally abusing him over the years.
He filed the suit seeking to reclaim $150 million in gifts he had given them during their time together.
However, Holland fired back with a counter-suit claiming Redstone had cheated her by cutting her out of his will and throwing her out his home after she cared for the 94-year-old for years.

Redstone's nurse Jeremy Jagiello, has slammed Sydney Holland, calling the allegations in her counter-suit fiction 
 Sumner Redstone, his grand daughter Kim [left], and her mother Shari [right]

Holland has since accused Redstone's daughter Shari and his nurse Jeremy Jagiello of spying on her and collecting information on her in a bid to create a rift between her from Redstone.
She is demanding Redstone be forced to honor an alleged promise to take care of her financially.
In her suit, Holland is seeking to receive a half interest in his $20 million Beverly Park mansion and a cut of his cash, stocks and bonds.
Documents show the suit also listed Redstone's daughter Shari, 63, as a defendant along with lead nurse, Jeremy Jagiello, and two other nurses Joseph Octaviano and Giovanni Paz.
Holland accused them of violating privacy laws claiming Shari hired a private investigator to look into her and paid several of his nurses to spy on her in an attempt to gain information to break up the pair.
Holland claims they recorded her conversations with Redstone and listened in secretly to intimate discussions she had with the media executive.
She alleges Jagiello secretly listened to, taped and repeated her conversations about marriage, adoption, sex, legal affairs and finances to Shari.

It's all about his money: [L-R] Manuela Herzer, Sydney Holland and Sumner Redstone, at charity event. Both ex-lovers who have figured in a battle over his care..  Sydney Holland  filed a counter-suit claiming Redstone colluded with his daughter Shari, and his other companion Manela Herzer, to cheat her by cutting her out of his will and throwing her out his home after she cared for the 94-year-old for years

Shari Redstone and Manuela Herzer. 53-year-old Herzer had been involved with Redstone for 18 years, before she was also shown the door. First as a girlfriend, then a companion who procured other women and managed his medical itinerary

Last week, Jagiello, the nurse, slammed Holland's statements saying the lawsuit is a result of her own wrongdoings and claims the nature of his job allows him to listen in on conversations.
In the court documents, the nurse states: 'Sydney Holland has no one to blame but herself for being cast out of Mr Redstone’s life'.
Jagiello argued her claims against him, a loyal and dedicated nurse to Sumner, cannot stand as a matter of law.
'In the course of their employment, the staff defendants had a right to be with Mr Redstone, where they were necessarily privy to confidential and other information about Mr Redstone and whomever else he or his companions were discussing,' legal documents state.
The nurse said Holland's characterization of him as a 'spy' is a mere conclusion the court should ignore.

 Nonsense, you have no one to blame but yourself! Jeremy Jagiello responded to Holland's claims saying her own wrongdoings caused her being cast out of the billionaire's life. She's the one who had an affair with another man George Pilgrim [left]

He went on to say this is not a case of someone having their reasonable expectation of privacy violated by an 'undercover reporter' as his presence was known and necessarily required him to be privy to highly sensitive information about Redstone and his companions.
The nurse shut down Holland's claims as nonsense, saying whatever information he may have shared with Shari is irrelevant since to all of her alleged damages stem from her clandestine affair with another man.
Last October, Redstone reportedly kicked Holland out of his home after he learnt she had been unfaithful.
Shortly after the split, 49-year-old actor George Pilgrim came forward saying he had been having a relationship with Holland in an interview with Vanity Fair.
He claimed she would fly down to where he lived in Arizona and spend the day with him, but always fly back on her private jet and never spent the night.
In the fall of 2014, Pilgrim reportedly proposed to Holland, and she accepted. She then, according to the documents, bought a house in Sedona, Arizona, near where he lived.
Holland regularly sent Pilgrim videos sharing her plans for the day, which typically ended with a kiss.
The documents claim that Holland told Pilgrim she was only with Redstone for his money, but refused to leave him alone with his family.

Redstone's family accused the women of using tactics to control the patriarch's life, including getting rid of his doctors, nurses, and staff in an attempt to isolate him from his family 

Jagiello is now demanding her counter-suit be thrown out of court and Holland not be awarded a dime.
Herzer filed her lawsuit last November, one month after she was suddenly banned from Redstone's Beverly Park mansion and removed as his primary caretaker.
She claimed Redstone is not capable of acting in his 'own rational self-interest' and 'lacked the mental capacity to make a change in his appointed health care agent' at the time he kicked Herzer out of his home.
In her suit, Herzer made explosive claims about the nonagenarian's sex life.
She revealed he had visits from Heidi MacKinney, a woman who Redstone had sex with while Jagiello stood in the room and coached him.

Heidi MacKinney an old favorite from when Redstone was still active, was called in o come and provide service. She says the media titan wasn't 'all there' and she was instructed on what acts to perform on him

'During Heidi MacKinney's visits with Mr. Redstone, Nurse [Jeremy] Jagiello was in the room and would tell her what sex acts to perform; that sometimes he would tell Mr. Redstone that he had ejaculated when in fact he had not, and that Mr. Redstone believed him,' Manuela Herzer said in a 2015 court filing.
This incident was revealed by Herzer to support her claim that Redstone 'is the victim of undue influence, fraud and manipulation.'
Redstone's suit against Holland and Herzer accused the two women of manipulating him to get what they wanted including jewelry, designer clothing and real estate around the world.
His lawyer said by the time he threw them both out of his Los Angeles mansion the two had taken millions of dollars and left him in debt due to the immense tax obligations related to those 'gifts.'
Redstone accused the women of using tactics to control his life including firing his doctors, nurses, and staff in an attempt to isolate him from his family.
He alleges they told him his daughter and grandchildren hated him and banned his relatives from entering his home.

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